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Wading birds such as ibises and herons are found throughout the area. Michael Cole, of Tampa Fishing Outfitters, said few boats can ride into such shallow water, but there are redfish, snook, trout, and tarpon in northern Boca Ciega Bay. He said the tidal pools and shallows also are a popular kayaking spot. Bacteria from the sewage would also pose a threat to swimmers and could cause intestinal issues or eye irritation, according to Clark.

The county said the spill does not affect drinking water.

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Any environmental cleanup will depend on how much sewage reached the creek or bay. Because the water is shallow, Peebles said, the wind and tide will mix it quickly, helping keep oxygen levels up if algae blooms result. Contact Zachary T. Sampson at zsampson tampabay. Follow zacksampson. Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Subscribe Log in Log out. Special Reports. Photo Galleries. Connect with us. Zachary T. Sampson General Assignment Reporter.

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Load Comments. Army officer says he raised concerns about Trump and Ukraine. But the breadsticks are great. Florida education news: School rules, look-alike drugs and armed guards. A roundup of stories from around the state. Florida pastor accused of raping teenage girl kills himself. Juvenile auto thieves still plague Pinellas County. While each phase of company growth presents its own set of challenges, which growth phase would you say you enjoy the most and why?

Both have been incredible experiences. I love small companies because of their agility and speed. You spot a new opportunity and with a good team you can have a product in the market months later. On the other hand, being an executive in a large company puts huge resources at your disposal. At VMware, we entered new markets by buying the market leader and then accelerating it with an enterprise sales team of several thousand people.

In the end for me, it boils down to where I can have more overall impact and usually that is in a smaller company.

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The two most important things about growing a company is the market and the team. Yubico is in a great market and solving a key problem: how to make the internet secure. Stina, Jakob and the team have done a great job creating a culture that focuses on security while at the same time emphasizing a fun user experience.

You have a long history of leading companies through successful growth periods. The short-term opportunity for Yubico is to replace passwords as the main authentication method in the internet. This is a huge shift. It would all but eliminate phishing while actually improving usability. But this is just scratching the surface. Having inexpensive hardware with advanced cryptographic functionality opens up new applications for payments, messaging security, IoT security and secure infrastructure.

Long term, these are the areas that excite me most. What are the most exciting and daunting aspects of working in the cybersecurity industry? Security is often an afterthought. We have a rich history in the technology industry of first building systems where we ignore security, then recognizing our error and eventually bolt on a security solution that is awkward to use and difficult to understand. I think what initially got me excited about the YubiKey is that it is one of the very few security products that is easy to understand and that end users actually love to use.

I love the outdoors and like exploring the world on foot, scuba diving or behind the controls of a small airplane that I have flown all the way from California to the Caribbean.

I am an avid gamer with my kids or alone, and recently have been spending more and more time in Virtual Reality. Hello from Las Vegas.

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We are introducing two new device form factors: our latest next-generation security key, Security Key NFC by Yubico , and a private preview of our YubiKey for Lightning. We are giving live demos of both of these keys at the CES Yubico booth With the option of multiple communication methods, this one key is able to deliver a simple and seamless user experience across multiple devices for strong multi-factor, two-factor 2FA , and single-factor passwordless authentication.

By supporting the two most common connectors for Mac and iPhones, the new YubiKey for Lightning, is designed to provide seamless authentication across compatible desktop and mobile devices. If you are a developer or service that would like to support strong hardware authentication on iOS, we invite you to work with us by applying to participate in the YubiKey for Lightning Program.

Today the YubiKey for Lightning is in private preview to selected participants in the Yubikey for Lightning Program, with general availability still to be announced. It was full of new product launches, business milestones, a growing team of super stars, and industry-leading innovations.

We invested a significant amount of time and resources into product innovation and released several major new products, all of them being the first of their kind on the market.

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The Security Key by Yubico is the first-ever security key to support FIDO2 and WebAuthn, the new global authentication standards for passwordless logins that Yubico is also the leading contributor to. The Yubico Developer Program is the first source for developers to gain access to YubiKey integration resources such as webinars, SDKs, implementation guides, and more.

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  6. Last but not least, we continued to grow Yubico as a trusted leader in strong authentication with new financial investments and the addition of new talent across the globe. Yubico received investment from top-tier investor Andreessen Horowitz a16z in support of our mission to create a safer internet at scale. Martin Casado, general partner for a16z, also joined the Yubico board of directors. Be the first to know about new products and more by signing up for our mailing list.

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    Yes, no passwords. With a Microsoft account and the YubiKey, you can quickly and securely log in and automatically single-sign-on to all of these Microsoft services on Edge:.

    The FIDO2 Project

    To improve protection against phishing and advanced attacks, and make it work with any number of services with no shared secrets, Yubico co-created U2F with Google, that was later contributed to the FIDO Alliance. We say thank you to everyone who has been part of making this a reality. You have successfully replaced your Microsoft account password with strong, hardware-based authentication using public key cryptography to protect against phishing and man-in-the-middle.

    For more details, visit yubico. This means the same device that you use to protect your Microsoft account can be used to protect your password manager, social media accounts, and your logins to hundreds of services. This multi-protocol support is a critical feature for organizations in the process of modernizing strong authentication for everything that employees, vendors, and users access on a daily basis, as one single YubiKey can meet varying authentication needs.

    The journey to modernizing authentication also often starts with finding the right Identity Access Management IAM solution, which is why Ping Identity , the leader in Identity Defined Security solutions, is a critical member of the Yubico Ecosystem. Yubico is excited to work with Ping Identity to strengthen the authentication choices for PingID customers. A co-branded experience pack will be available to PingID customers as a special complimentary offer designed for admins to experience the many benefits of our joint solution.

    The YubiKey 5 Series supports two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication, so as the future of authentication progresses toward passwordless logins, PingID customers will be equipped with an authentication device that can do it all. Users can self-register the YubiKey with their PingID account without needing additional software or drivers. Stop by our kiosk and chat with us about your journey to modernizing the workplace.

    Use code YUB in the online registration portal for a complimentary pass courtesy of Yubico. Learn more about how Yubico and Ping Identity work together. The 5th generation YubiKey has arrived! All leading platforms and browsers have either made support or are engaged in this standards work, expanding authentication choices using authentication devices, such as a YubiKey, with or without a username and password. Users will receive the same trusted security, ease of use, and durability expected from a YubiKey, but will now have the added option of passwordless logins using FIDO This is the YubiKey integration that exists today with services like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and it is most familiar to our users.

    In this case, the PIN unlocks the device locally and touch is still required for the YubiKey to perform the authentication. With this expanded choice of authentication modes, developers choosing to add support for the YubiKey will have the option to choose the authentication model that best suits their use cases and customers. Implementation resources for all of the YubiKey-supported protocols can be found on the Yubico Developer website or through the Yubico Developer Program mailing list. Combining the security and usability features of FIDO2 passwordless authentication and tap-and-go NFC provides an optimal user experience, and drastically improves security and productivity.

    This is especially beneficial in fast-paced, dispersed working environments within sectors such as financial services, healthcare, and retail point-of-sale POS.

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    FIDO2 is the first open standard authentication protocol that can take tap-and-go authentication to the masses. To determine the key that is best for you, please reference the online comparison chart , or take our YubiKey quiz! Beginning today, YubiKey 5 Series security keys are available for purchase exclusively at Yubico. Shop our store , and be one of the first to own a YubiKey 5! We invite developers to join the Yubico Lightning Project to work with us to broaden authentication options for iOS applications.

    The reality is, overall usage of mobile devices is on the rise. However, making a hardware authenticator, such as the YubiKey, work in a secure and seamless way with iOS has been a challenge for us and the rest of the industry over the past few years. We have researched and prototyped various iOS solutions and believe that NFC near field communication and USB are optimal communications transports for external authenticators because of security and usability.

    The Yubico Lightning Project is designed to address these issues, with rollout in several phases. This approach enables apps and services to have out-of-the-box U2F support. Following phases will be communicated in the future. Director of Security Product Marketing, at Okta.