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Not the thugs. Not all customers are happy with Bouvier's decision.

He tells the Indianapolis Star that a few regulars have said they'll be avoiding Papa Roux due to his stance on guns. They'll go out to eat with the possibility that a criminal will bring a gun in, but they'll stay away if they think customers might be carrying.

Cutting Edge Carry Technology

Other restaurants also opt to support gun-toting customers by giving them discounts. A Cajun restaurant in Virginia also offers a similar discount. Bouvier did not specify if his discount applies to those who openly carry their guns too. Watch the local news story below:.

Exhibit Hours

Check the NRA gun Laws page for up-to -date information. Get valuable information and sales updates sent to your inbox The There are no federal regulations that address the issuance of concealed-carry permits, permitting is handled at the state or local level. The license to carry concealed pistol, revolver, or other firearm within the State of California, also known as a CCW Carry Concealed Weapon permit is issued by the Sheriff in the County of residence.

San Diego County residents This revolver is ideally suited for daily carry, thanks to a double-action-only mechanism that offers no exposed hammer spur to catch on clothing during a draw. For those who prefer single-action operation, a model with an exposed hammer spur can also be found at an easily affordable price.

CCW Class Only $49! - Ohio Concealed Carry And Guns

Beretta Pico. Capacity measures up to other popular options, holding six rounds of.

Concealed Carry: Non-Hollow Point Ammo in Your Carry Handgun

Built on a modular chassis and double-action-only operation, the Pico can be disassembled easily and is compatible with different grip options, thanks to a serialized chassis that sits inside the grip frame. EAA Windicator. Built on a solid-steel frame, these six-shot revolvers can be had in.

An exposed hammer spur allows for single-action or double-action shots, and models are available with either a 2- or 4-inch barrel. Overall length varies from 7 to 8. However, in an effort to make this single-stack self-defense gun more accessible, Ruger streamlined aspects of its production process, making this concealed-carry pistol more affordable than ever before.

Product Originals

The EC9s features a striker-fired action and is built on a glass-filled nylon frame with an alloy-steel slide and barrel. Overall length measures in at 6 inches, height is 4. Total weight, unloaded, is Kahr Arms CT However, in recent years, the company listened to the market and rolled out several budget-priced models, like the CT This is a single-stack design with double-action-only operation and a locked-breech action.

One of the stand-out features of the CT is its small, thin size, measuring just 5.

Concealed Weapon Licenses

Unloaded, the gun weighs just Bersa Thunder. The gun is built on an alloy frame and features styling similar to the famous Walther PPK. The action is also PPK-like, since the gun has a built-in decocker that enables a long, double-action trigger pull for the first shot and short, crisp, single-action pulls for the remaining rounds in the magazine. The Bersa Thunder is a single-stack design with a magazine capacity of seven rounds.

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Overall length measures 6. Total weight of the all-metal gun comes in at 20 ounces.