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The AA also claims to have more dedicated mobile mechanics than other providers 2, patrols as opposed to 1, A word of warning: breakdown services require you to produce your membership card and proof of ID to use their services, so take them with you on all journeys. Most of us have heard good and bad experiences from each of these providers.

We can't read too much into individual anecdotes unless they are overwhelmingly one-sided, which isn't the case here. They are all still going strong, so that's a sign their service is generally acceptable.

Basic cover £20/year, full cover £60/year

You could try switching from one to another and back in a month cycle to compare their services, and it's possible you might even save a little money doing this. However, since the AA and RAC have both increased their budget price by a significant amount each time we've updated this article since , it doesn't seem too likely that you'll benefit much. Remember to put a note in your diary to shop around in 11 months, because all three services could auto-renew.

Car insurance fees rise as insurers rake in profits away from the quoted price. Keep the motor running : RAC: Buying a used car is like a game of 'motoring roulette'.


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How to spend less on motoring. Multi v single car insurance - what's cheapest?

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Terms of use Privacy policy Disclaimer. It's included along with roadside recovery on most breakdown policies.

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If your car breaks down outside your house, home start will get you back up and running again. If you're on the way to a destination when you break down, you'll be covered to get there by another means with onward travel. For road trips across the pond, you can get breakdown cover for Europe. This could contribute towards or cover the expense of replacement. Filled up your tank with petrol instead of diesel by accident?

Get your car, motorbike or van back on the road with the right policy

You may be covered by your breakdown policy for misfuelling your car , but also check whether it's included under your car insurance. If your car does give up the ghost it's important to pull over so that you're out of the way of any traffic.

Everyone must leave the car and move to safe place away from moving vehicles. Call your breakdown cover provider immediately and let them know where you're stranded and they'll send someone along to assist you. It depends on the policy you have chosen. Personal breakdown cover means you'll be covered whichever vehicle you're in, even if you're a travelling as a passenger. On the other hand, vehicle cover is soley for your car, van or motorbike. So, assistance will be provided, whoever is driving it.

RAC Discount Codes

Broken down in your local shopping centre car park? What about on your mate's farm? In that case, your breakdown provider might charge you extra or not cover you at all if access is difficult or prohibited. If you breakdown while transporting pets or livestock, onward travel for your pet is up to the discretion of your breakdown cover provider.

Assistance for livestock is very unlikely under a standard policy, but you can get specialist livestock or horse trailer breakdown cover to avoid this. Got a flat tyre? Forgotten to top up the oil? Don't assume that the breakdown company will rush to assist you with basic maintenance. It's your responsibility as a driver to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, and it's useful to have at least a basic grasp of how to make simple repairs.

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